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“I feel like Jean understood my situation. She listened and gave great advice and was very supportive in helping me through my divorce. I know she changed my life. She has helped me tremendously. I can’t thank her enough.”

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Employment Law

I assist companies and corporations in ensuring compliance with state law (Minnesota, South Dakota, and Utah) and federal law and rules in employment law regarding employees. As a business owner your goal is to grow your business. The last thing you need is to deal with the headaches of ensuring and maintaining compliance with these state and federal laws.

I practice in advising small companies who may not have a human resources department. I am licensed in the states of Minnesota, South Dakota and Utah. I have a history of protecting employers from workplace violence.

In a recent Minnesota case venued in Morrison County, Minnesota, I represented an out of state corporation who employed the wife. My client's corporation believed the husband was harassing, stalking and attempting to harm the employee wife and any employee who intervened to aid her. The husband attempted to seek financial and legal documents from the employer through a subpoena served upon the client corporation. The matter settled out of court, but not without the corporation being served with a subpoena for these documents and a motion to compel compliance with this subpoena being served upon the corporation. It was my client, corporation’s belief that was a case of workplace violence. It involved domestic abuse and the workplace and was a ticking time bomb.

I assisted this corporation in making progressive attempts to alleviate the situation. Under California law, courts can make workplace violence protective orders to protect an employee from suffering unlawful violence or credible threats of violence at the workplace. In Minnesota and South Dakota, employers may not seek such orders. And if your employee is being harassed, stalked or if the abuser is preventing your employee or other employees to perform their job, you need to find an attorney who will be make active efforts to protect your employees, other employees and customers at your firm through judicial and extra-judicials means.

Here are some tips to decide whether you need to call me.

If you answered yes to either one of these questions or if you are in doubt if your employee is safe, you need an experienced Employment Law Attorney to protect your business, your employee’s safety and perhaps their life. Call me at 218-454-2039.


"Jean has been a true resource to the HR profession in our community! She has recently given our organization insight and recommendations to update our employee handbook, presented some difficult topics (transgender issues and medical marijuana) at our all-staff training day back in May and is also an active member of the Lakes Area Human Resources Association (LAHRA). Thank you Jean! "

- Daryl Doucette
Director of Human Resources
Cote Family Companies, Inc.